When Amber Rose filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifia in the fall of 2014, the split was agreed to be peaceful and they would stay on good-terms for their son Sebastian Taylor. According to the Washington Observer-Reporter, Wiz Khalifia’s mother, Katie Wimbush-Polk aka “Peachie Wimbush”, has filed a lawsuit against Amber Rose accusing her of defamation.

The lawsuit reportedly stemmed from an angry phone call that Amber Rose made to Wiz’s mother on June 19th after Amber was reported to California Child Welfare Services and received a visit from them the same day of the phone call, but with no consequences from the organization. Wiz’s mother denies placing this call but it didn’t stop Amber from reportedly accusing Wimbush of being an unfit grandmother and stated she was responsible for the death of Khalifa’s sister Dorien Thomaz, who passed away in February due to lymphoma complications.

The lawsuit was filed two weeks after that date on July 3rd. Wimbush is suing for more than $50,000, including the court costs, interest and other damages.

According to Washington Observer-Reporter, the lawsuit is claiming that Rose’s statements “[W]ere malicious, ‘tended to harm’ her reputation, lowered her in the estimation of the community or deterred others from associating or dealing with her.” Wimbush also said that being accused of causing Dorien Thomaz’s death has caused her severe mental anguish.

Is this just a revenge lawsuit for Amber leaving her son 3 years ago?

Taylor Dall is the Owner & CEO of EMCEE and the Co-Owner and Director of A&R of DallRae Music, a licensing placement company.

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