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See what your favorite throwback MTV stars are up to now


7Xzibit and Mad Mike – Pimp My Ride 2004-2007

It’s only right we start this list off with the show hosted by Detroit native, Xzibit. Mad Mike, Q, and other West Coast Customs crew members would take beat up cars and upgrade them with obnoxious and almost unreasonable customizations. For example, when Big Dane, the head of accessories, hooked a skateboarder’s 1996 Chevy Caprice with a skate rail that extended from the bumper with a push of a button.

Xzibit was famous well before Pimp My Ride aired on television, but this pop culture hit reality show definitely made a name for this rapper on screen. When the show ended, X appeared in some small movie roles and even joined the cast of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition working as a designer. In 2016, Xzibit auditioned for the CBS hit show Empire and landed the role of Shyne, Lucious’ rival. He is now happily married also hosts the Dr. Dre Beats 1/Apple Music radio show The Pharmacy monthly. We still won’t forget how he got bodied by Eminem in 8 Mile, though.

Mad Mike is till doing what he does best, putting things in cars that don’t belong in there. He is currently the customizing supervisor at Galphin Auto Sports, a five star auto restoration shop in Los Angeles. Mad Mike’s Instagram account keeps us up to date on the lavish upgrades he does, such as installing a digital roulette wheel inside a car.

6Ashton Kutcher – Punk’d 2003-2012

Ashton Kutcher would be the person to hire actors to pull over-the-top pranks on his friends. the perfect person to come up with this prank show for the generation. He is one of the goofiest people on and off screen. Punk’d allowed us to see some of our fav A-list, and many times B-list and C-list celebrities get embarrassed once a week. It even let us get a glimpse of some celebrities’ true colors, like the time Ashanti had a diva fit and said “I ain’t riding no damn bus.” Or when the Punk’d crew actually made and Justin Timberlake cry when fake U.S. agents told him he owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

Kutcher is now his third season of Netflix original series The Ranch. He is also an activist and his mission is to fight against human trafficking and child sexual exploitation. He took his works all the way to Washington to meet with Senate Foreign Relations Committee a couple of months ago. Kutcher is also a venture capitalist and invests in numerous tech companies. He is currently defending cheating rumors against his wife and former co-star Mila Kunis.

5Dylan Dilinjah – Making the Band 2 (2002-2004)

Portrayed as the irrational and erratic Caribbean on Making the Band, Dylan made a name for himself. Despite his criticisms, he turned better than the rest of his cast mates in Da Band. His antics turned into him being the butt of a joke on a Chappelle’s Show sketch. After the show stopped airing, Dylan released a few mixtapes and earned a spot on Akon’s label Kon Live/En-Treeg Records. He plans to release his debut album Pain 2 Power soon. Dylan is still on P. Diddy’s Ciroc sponsorship and says that Making the Band and Dave Chappelle made an unlikely positive impact on his career.

4Jackass (2000-2002)

This show lasted only three seasons before it was canceled. As far as life threatening stunts and pranks go, this show takes the cake. Jackass was so controversial that it had to cancel all airings before 10pm so parents could protect their children. Jackass had spin-offs including Viva La Bam, Wildboyz, and Homewrecker, all of which Jackass cast members frequently made appearances on.

What Johnny Knoxville has been up to isn’t much of a secret since we’ve seen him starring in films such as The Dukes of Hazzard, The Ringer, and Bad Grandpa which grossed over $100,000,000 in 2013. He even lended his voice to The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as Leo in recent years. Knoxville is happily married to his wife Naomi Nelson and continues to snag acting gigs.

You may have seen Bam Margera featured on the show Family Therapy in 2016 where he battled alcoholism and other hardships. His depression most likely stems from the passing of his good friend and former co-star, Ryan Dunn. On a lighter note, he now makes custom artwork and his currently working on a documentary about his life.

Steve-O, arguably the wildest cast member, is now a stand up comedian and is touring the U.S. His comedic roots aren’t too surprising since he did attend clown college right around the time Jackass took off. He started his own Showtime segment titled “Guilty as Charged” where he tells as jokes as well performs some of his wild stunts. Steve-O collaborated with legendary skateboarder Danny Way to revive the XYZ clothing line. According to TMZ, Steve-O is working on stunt project with “Jackass” director Jeff Tremaine, but there is no set release date. You can view all the crazy stuff he still does on his YouTube channel @steveo.

3The Andy Milonakis Show – Andy Milonakis (2005) (MTV2 2006-2007)

It’s his show, he’s Andy Milonakis. If you’re a real one you know every word to the show’s theme song. The Andy Milonakis Show featured comedy sketches and documented what Andy and his friends were up to. After the show was canceled, we didn’t hear much from Milonakis but he still had a large social media following. When Vine was popping, we got to see him reemerge as the comedian he is. Milonakis was close with well known personalities Riff Raff and Simon Rex. In 2015, he was featured on Chief Keef’s Sorry for the Weight mixtape and has since done tracks with Gucci Mane and Rich the Kid. Milonakis showcased his rap skills early on in his career and now fully embraces them.

2Carson Daly – TRL 1998-2008

Carson Daly never went out of the spotlight. He hosts The Voice and is on TODAY’s Digital Studio, the Orange Room – you can’t get much better than that. He was the pioneer of live shows that featured the popular and iconic music videos along with celebrity performances. Daly stepped down as the host in 2003 to pursue his own show on NBC, Last Call with Carson Daly. He was such a prominent figure in pop culture hosting, his time spent on TRL is referred to as the “Carson Daly Era.”

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