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Australian model Chantal Monaghan is turning heads on the runway


Chantal Monaghan is no stranger to the catwalk. For seven consecutive years she’s appeared at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. This year Monaghan had the most important position on the runway to be legendary designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s finale leader.

Chantal told The Daily Telegraph, “It’s so rare to book one show in Paris, let alone to do seven, and this time I lead the finale for the first time which was a pinch yourself moment.”

Chantal has worked alongside other iconic designers and models such as; Armani, and Gigi Hadid–but this moment in her career has the fashion industry talking. Monaghan is former contestant who competed on the reality show The Face by the runway goddess herself; Naomi Campbell. Now she’s made a name for herself and has surpassed her reality show fame. Being the finale runway model during a fashion show is big! It’s the last moment and look of the night that people look forward to–besides the entire show itself.

Chantal also went on to say, “To get the seal of approval from Gaultier is amazing and something I’m really proud of.”

Monaghan has built up close relationships with many top designers over the years, and she’s just one of the many Aussie models taking over this year’s fashion week shows. Australian model management director Kathy Ward states that walking at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week was the pinnacle in the career of the high fashion models.

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