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A look into the year of Evan The Twerkgod.. is he up next?


The rapid one-year come up of Evan The Twerkgod has boasted the success of a well seasoned power player and it has placed him on stages with the likes of artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, Playboi Carti and Rich the Kid, just to name a few.

Whilst words like “rockstar” tend to resonate with the newer artists of today, standing out rather than just being an ‘rapper’ of the ‘rap genre’ is a must. But ‘Rockstar’ to Evan The Twerkgod is simply a word people use to describe him while in his presence.

He has been the most discussed artist in the Metro Detroit area over the past year. So it is safe to say clout is of no issue; but the question remains “Is he up next?” time for review?

We think so, let’s delve into the extraordinary clout experience of the great Evan The Twerkgod.

1Evan’s track ‘Paid n’ Laid’ from his debut album Get Blessed was circulated on local Detroit radio stations in 2016. His Soundcloud accumulated nearly 180,000 plays in just over a year.


2Posted not long after recovering from local anesthetic with the removal of her wisdom teeth, delusional or not, fans are coming out of the woodwork to profess their love for the Twerkgod—even if that includes being partially sedated and wanting to vigorous shake their asses in vertical motions for the magnanimous star.


3Evan The Twerkgod’s performance clip of him opening for Rich The Kid gains the attention of Neisha Neshae’s manager Floss Relle aka Flossalot at the time when Neisha was on tour with Detroit mogul Big Sean. Floss posted the video on Instagram with the caption, “this kids onto something.”


4Evan facetimes the D Rose star Lil Pump (jet skiii, oooooh) who is a 16 year old Soundcloud star from South Florida. This call took place during the Lil Pump / Smokepurpp No Jumper Tour

5Then he’s seen facetiming Lil Pump’s partner in crime Smokepurpp who is a 19-year-old Miami rapper that just signed a deal with Interscope after racking up millions of plays on SoundCloud.

6Twerkgod shaved an audacious fan’s head on stage at his own concert as an initiation to join Piranha Gang.


7He also got a kid to eat cat food. Eating food, we as humans love it. But eating cat food? I’m sure the taste will render after the notion of being in Piranha Gang sinks in.

8A kid even says he will get Piranha Gang tatted on his face to join the squad…

9If you’re going to break the internet, why not in a hot relaxing bubble bath on a trip? At it again; explaining what cannot be explained, yet well-needed inspirational motivation brought to you by the finest of Michigan shrooms and Evan The Twerkgod himself.


10Hard flexing in the streets of Philadelphia whilst still in middle school is average, throw a few fidget spinners; you get viral sensation Matt OX. An overzealous and high-strung eleven year old. But at such a young age, with much momentum, even Evan has to drop a song with the kid wonder—showing he knows how to have fun.

11Masked Gorilla interviewed Evan The Twerkgod and asked him what his inspirations are… to which he answers… Porn, Bruce Lee, Ninjas, Kanye West, and of course the Instagram strippers. You heard it from Masked Gorilla.. Evan The Twerkgod is having more fun rapping than you are.


12As of summer 17′, ‘Lean Cuisine’ is being spun in regular rotation on Detroit radio station 98 WJLB by the legend himself DJ Don Q!


13OG Maco is seen stunting in the Twerkgod x Adriana Maya collaboration hoodie bumping a few tracks and hitting the booth alongside Evan.


14And when you have Bizarre of the ever so prominent Hip-Hop group ‘D12’ reaching out to you to inform and remind you that you are a ‘Rockstar’ is the question “is he up next” even a question?

Evan the Twerkgod, a momentum to not be overlooked even in the slightest, is up next, next up, however you decide to phrase it. Be on the lookout, keep your gaze because it is only the beginning.

16Like this:

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