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A$AP Ferg releases new collection of Trap Lord Tees, Hoodies, and Shorts


Rapper A$AP Ferg is continuing to expand his Trap Lord Clothing line with brand new hoodies, tees and shorts. The new June 15th release is in spirit of the four new songs Ferg dropped on Soundcloud for #TraplordTuesday, which includes “Aw Yea” featuring Lil Yachty, “Nia Long”, “Furious Ferg” and “Plain Jane” produced by Kirk Knight.

The new collection is a special tribute to a few of Ferg’s personal memories and shows off his love for retro colors, vintage graphics and his father. It features pieces dipped in gold, red, bright blue and metallic silver.

Ferg drew inspiration from popular trends and brands in the 1998 cult-classic movie, Belly, such as; Phat Farm and Avirex and also, Cartier frames.

His clothing line launched shortly after Ferg released his debut album Trap Lord in 2013. Since then, Ferg’s released several apparel collections and accessories under the brand. The new Trap Lord pieces are now available for purchasing on TrapLord.com. The price ranges from $30 to $70 and are available for only a limited time.

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