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CrowdFreak brought OG Maco for Detroit to see the first US performance of OG3


OG Maco performed at Club Reign Saturday after rescheduling his show a month prior for health reasons. Despite of the rescheduling, the turnout was huge and the anticipation was at its peak.

The venue was loaded with security who had a militant presence. This shouldn’t have been too surprising, since this was the same club security maced everyone at just the year prior.


Photo by Anthony Rassam

Kitty Kvsh and her electric stage presence stamped why she is one of the few female artists killing in the city. She performed tracks from her “Backwxxd Palace” EP. P-LO PREME! And Kitty performed “Bruce Willis” on stage together as well, a mid-tempo track produced by Piranha Gang engineer, Hotel Seprino.

After the sound kept going in and out, security had to force crowd members to move away from the stage to prevent anymore technical mishaps. This took about 10 minutes to pull off, but that didn’t put a stop to anything.

Kitty Kvsh closed her set out with the party anthem, “Two Cup $hawty.”


Photo by Anthony Rassam

I sat with B-free after his performance and asked him how he thought it went.

“You can see for yourself,” he said.

He grabbed a camera from his friend and proceeded to show me pictures of him crowd surfing. Clearly it went well.

It became prevalent that B-Free had a tunnel-vision of self-improvement, but was still proud of what he has accomplished so far in his career.

“I dropped that whole cool guy act and started treating people the way I would treat my brothers,” he said. “Like actually listening to them, hearing their voices, and taking their opinions seriously.” His work ethic is definitely one to admire.


Evan the Twerkgod was the local headliner on the show. His set started off with “B.E.T Uncut. This track was nostalgic because what us 90’s kids had stayed up watching was BET past 3am and it finally come to life.

“Dirty 30” is a testament that Evan will be filthy rich by his 30th birthday. There’s no mistake the message got across when he performed the song to a crowd who sang along to the self-assurant hook:

Gotta get it when I’m young. I’ll be dirty when I’m 30, I’ll be dirty when I’m 30. Filthy rich when I’m 30.”

At the bottom of the set, the audience got a treat. For the first time, Evan the Twerkgod performed a track that him, B-free, and producer Hotel collaborated on titled “Free Twerk Hotel.”


Photo by Anthony Rassam

OG Maco released “OG Maco 3” on June 11, so the timing was perfect Detroit to hear a live version of the mixtape. First on the list was “Atlanta,” which is equipped with symphonies courtesy of Zaytoven.

After performing another fast-tempoed song, he had to take a break. Some of his fatigue was the result of the surgery he recently underwent from a car accident he was in last year. OG actually sat down on the stage and rapped his song “Porch.” He stood back up and his resilience to his pain fueled the crowd even more. The set lead into his next song, “OG MAC” which explains how OG got his money up strategically, and how he continues to give advice to the ones younger than him and teach them how to sell drugs and make money– which is why they call him OG Mac.

The crowd got to hear the new music from OG as well as classics from his starting days, such as “Road Runner.”

This whole night would have been pointless if OG Maco didn’t perform “U Guessed It.” This was the last song that was played for the night and the crowd didn’t show any signs of fatigue when it came on.

OG Maco should be booked as a motivational speaker as well as a rapper. As the show came to a close, he went on say how everyone in the venue needs to believe in themselves and that he messes with the city of Detroit, heavy.

“Once you realize who you are, can’t nobody take it away from you,” he said. “If you’re going to stop progressing just go ahead and die.”

He went on to say no matter what, you can always do better and be better than what you currently are. He’s faced a lot of criticism from blogs and fans, but said you can’t let other people mess your energy up. Hov is considered to broke to somebody, so it that puts things into perspective.

Following the show, Piranha Gang, OG Maco and EMCEE team went back to Nocturnal Studios/ The Recording Compound. OG got a chance to hear Evan The Twerkgod and Hotel Seprino’s music with an intimate ear, and even shared some unheard music of his own. To end the night, OG cooled down with a Baja Blast while he shared stories on his recent world travels and the realities of foreign brothels until 5 a.m.

Listen to OG Maco 3 on SoundCloud.


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