Home Style Khloé Kardashian to launch her own collection of bodysuits called “Good Body”

Khloé Kardashian to launch her own collection of bodysuits called “Good Body”


Khloé Kardashian loves wearing outfits on the red carpet or in the streets that show off her curvy figure. Bodysuits being an obsession of hers, and her curvy counterpart Kim Kardashian, and now she’ll have her own. The bodysuits will be a part of the clothing line, co-founded by Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede, ‘Good American‘.

Khloé announced on her Instagram that her new line of 11 bodysuits will be called ‘Good Body’. She writes; “I’m so incredibly blown away that I’m able to be living this dream! Love your curves, ladies!! Love your body! Love yourselves! And most importantly, lets continue to empower one another.”


The prices of her new bodysuits range from $129-$189 with sizing running from 00 to 24. Each design has a sexy, body flattering look; from cuts-outs, to lace and other distinctive designs that show a woman’s curves. The suits are made with compression fabric that will look good with any pair of jeans, a skirt or shorts. Khloé’s ‘Good Body’ bodysuits will be available this Thursday, June 22nd. Check out some of the looks here.

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