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Everything You Need To Know about Kim Kardashian’s New Beauty Line


Kim Kardashian West announced on her Instagram she is launching her own makeup company called KKW Beauty. On June 21st the first product, a Crème Contour and Highlight Kit, will be available for $48. The kit includes 4 different pallets that will cater to all shades of women from fair skinned to dark skinned. She’s also added brushes in the kit to apply the contour.

In an New York Times interview she mentioned she would be using the same manufacture as her sister Kylie Jenner aka Seed Beauty (the parent company of ColourPop). Although recently Kim has been criticized for “copying” Kylie, she assured they are very different companies. Kylie focusing on lips and Kim focusing on skin. In the same interview she told us part of what is to come: powder contours and undereye concealers. Stating her concealers would have anti-aging formulas and the line would be about “correcting and perfecting.”

Kim has been known to make contouring a more popular aspect of doing makeup so it’s no surprise to some that this is the first product she is launching. The rest of Kim’s makeup line is still in the works and she’s looking forward to sharing what else she has in store for her fans.


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