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Let SZA CTRL You: CTRL Album Review


Let me start this by saying, since the beautiful SZA released ‘See.SZA.Run’ I have always been addicted to her sound. It is rare to find an artist, female artists especially, that tries to branch out of the norm and is effortlessly unique. The thing is, SZA doesn’t try, she just is. Besides her beautiful sound, she has the aura and appeal to match it. She truly is a queen and she deserves all the attention she has been getting as of lately with her first studio album, ‘label album’, CTRL…

The Breakdown:

On to the masterpiece that is, CTRL.  If you are a SZA fan, you know that this album was for one, long overdue. Despite the numerous rumors before about the release of this album, we’ve finally been graced with a project put together so eloquently, we see who SZA really is as an artist and fans witness her growth.

SZA outs her thoughts, emotions, and insecurities all into one body of work, that left me thinking, did SZA write this for me? Because from Supermodel to 20 Something, she took us through a journey of emotions everyone has encountered at least once in their life rather it be love life issues or insecurities, SZA reached us all. Songs like ‘Doves in The Wind’ ft. Kendrick Lamar left me exalted as I wish I could tell so many of the dreadful men I have come across how this song is perfect for them, but songs like ‘Prom’ give me some sounds from SZA that just make my smile and take back to a ‘Green Mile’ sound from ‘Z’. Besides this, ‘The Weekend’ is the most beautifully spoken side chick anthem that has ever touched my soul, ‘my man is my man is your man, is her man too’ sis…let me tell you. ‘Go Gina’ has production that makes you want to vibe, light some candles, and just let SZA take you on this 2-minute journey to heaven. The transitions on the album are executed perfectly and flawlessly, as no song is abruptly running into the next, and everything flows into each other without trying too hard to, even the songs already released as singles such as ‘Love Galore’, ‘Drew Barrymore’, and ‘Broken Clocks’.  It is rare to come across albums that make you feel…full. ‘Garden (Say It Like Dat)’ makes you realize how important unconditional love is to feel for somebody despite the insecurities you or they may have and ‘Anything’ that leave you speechless by beautiful harmonies, electric sounds, and exceptional flow. Special thank you to people like James Faunterlory who collab with other great artist such as SZA to make interludes that you can play constantly, my only ask is to see more from the two in the future (please check out his work, he is an exceptional artist). Following the interlude ‘Normal Girl’ shows us SZA’s true skin and how she is no different from all us other awkward girls who don’t fit into the “baddie” category cause we don’t have cakes and we weird so we just chilling..and single. Most of all, to put the cherry on top of a wonderful album we get my TDE favorite Isaiah and SZA on ‘Pretty Little Birds’, every collaboration they have had has been magic, and their chemistry is beautiful. Ending a wonderful album with some acoustics, harmony, and angelic vocals on ’20 Something’, ‘God bless them 20 Something’s’.

Sza is truly the artist this generation has needed. She embodies trueness, realness, and is graceful in everything she does. Her listening party for CTRL also included mermaids and flower crowns (how could you not love her). This album was worth the wait. As a SZA fan, I am full and now….we wait for tour dates.

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