Since last year’s highly unexpected return of Pharrell William’s brand Billionaire Boys Club, rumours have spread that ICECREAM will be relaunching. The label was a popular creation of Pharrell and Nigo (the man who created one of the most popular streetwear brands to this day, Bape) and the early to mid 2000’s were filled with every artist copping some ICECREAM pieces.

The re-release was hinted at by an exclusive range of long sleeve t-shirts, The three T-shirts included in the range feature a graphic of a theater sign with BBC NYC flagship store’s address and serves as the first resurgence of ICECREAM. Pharrell also brought the brands social media stance back to life with the brands Instagram; @solidgoldblackberry, a reference to Pharrell’s two solid 18 karat gold Blackberry phones of his past. If things work out the way they did in the past, ICECREAM will be a hit quickly, and due to the current streetwear market, drop day will be filled with people copping every piece to either collect or re-sell at a ridiculous price.

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