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Lyia Meta – Always You


With soul, warmth, and just the right amount of graceful wisdom, Lyia Meta has delivered an album that fans of the late Tony Bennett will cherish and adore. She hints with bluesy drawl and slow ballad croon, with a voice that will shatter the most ridged of emotional barriers one’s heart could ever hold.

Take a listen to album opener “Always You” below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

She must have a jazz background because the levels of skill she showcases here are beyond the brink of Petula Clarkism. Low and glowing bellows that transform into upbeat saxophone-heavy dinner dance music… how could you not love that? Her music is nostalgic, sure, and you better make damn sure you understand the concept of timelessness. Because while “there is never enough time to hear all the music,” Meta does more sonically on this project than artists half her age could ever dream of. Maybe experience truly is a blessing after all.

Lyia shares her inspiration behind this deeply personal new album. 

“In my entire career as a live circuit performer and an artist, I have found that being true to myself and my influences is what makes me the artist I am proud to be. What is uniquely ‘ME’? Who I am is very simply heard in my music! With the album ‘ALWAYS YOU”, the story continues as I attempt to retell the words written by songwriter Denise Dimin through my own experiences and emotions. ALWAYS YOU is my latest chapter as I continue my musical journey!”

You hear this self-reflection in every song here, and I mean, EVERY SONG. And while some are less memorable than the others, there is not a dull or boring track on this album. She is unafraid to bare flaws or scars of past lovers, wandering eyes, as well as how much loyalty she is capable of giving to the right faithful person. It is nice to see a singer be so human in this age of artificial emotional intelligence.

The third track is a personal favorite of mine. “It’s Up To You” is an adoration of worshiping the one you want to die with. “Who knows what you may have done if you think we’re in too deep” is poetic and ambivalent to personal anecdotes. Like Rosemary Clooney before her, Lyia says a hell of a lot without giving too many personal details away. Can Frank Sinatra say the same when he was 17? 21? 35 even?

This is a great summer album as well as fall into winter soulful romp. The wife will love it… honestly she might even ask you how you found her stuff. And if by some miracle you mention me, I’d be as proud as Lyia must have been after finishing this setlist of a smooth tempo party.

Give Always You a listen if you are heartbroken or mending your aorta. She’ll help you stop your emotions from fooling you around.

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