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S. F. Incorporated – First Penetration


Skull Fuckers Incorporated has quite an aesthetic; one scoped and shotgunned with unbridled disgust for scum, sincere genre blend appreciation, and beautiful political parody. In short, I like it.

The album opens with GG Allin meets GWAR banter, making mockeries of semen-headed civilians who are losing their minds to a head-fucking pantheon of evil. It makes sense considering the song is named, “The Dangers of Skull Fucking” and the second track, “Pain,” certainly brings the musical equivalent of stubbing your toe on a rotting bucket of freshly-sliced robotic maggot flesh.

Take a listen (and watch) to their latest release “Nightmare.” Other than the two tracks I mentioned, this collection of dark vibes and screaming vengeance is a perfect introduction to Skull Fuckers Incorporated.

Vocalist, guitarist and producer Jay Reiter, captures that rare vision that is undeniably true to the cause, paying tribute to genre greats like Ministry and Fear Factory while standing unwaveringly in its own relentless expression.

What makes Jay and the Skull Fuckers stand out from plenty of other bands intent on replicating popular cult groups is that that Jay wholeheartedly believes in every word, chord, and image he puts out for fans. He is a historian of industrial metal as much a diehard fan of goth and punk, and rather than steal, he pays homage with his own tone and official tamper.

I mean after all, this video has Dee Snider in it. That support means a lot considering Dee is an artist who did what Jay is succeeding at.

“Nightmare” is a song that is begging for a bigger fanbase and Jay’s battalion of skull fuckery certainly has the capability to be one of the biggest names in the scare-your-face-off game. If you are a fan of metal or are looking to get into a self-motivated take on the world mindset, give this band a listen.

Stream the full “First Penetration” album on Spotify. Listen or purchase the album via Bandcamp.

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