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LokkisKott – Deep Inside

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“Deep Inside” is the first single ever released by LokkisKott, an artist whose creative and artistic ability to blend musical genres surpasses my ability to write about his skills.

The near six minute ballad he delivers here is about wanting to feel his own pain while allowing others to indulge in their own gripes about the voices in their lone respective heads. It is an angsty track about hoping for… whatever… because whatever you hope for is better than life is now (for the listener or artist themselves).

Here is what LokkisKott has to say about the song:

“For Deep Inside, I wanted to create something unique and powerful that would ‘whoa’ the listener, but wanted room for growth as well. I feel like there is a lot of exciting potential, and I’m driven to keep that fire lit!”

Imagine your social and emotional abilities are crumbling before your eyes. Everything you knew is no longer known and everything you feel you’re unable to trust. “Deep Inside” encapsulates whatever that feeling can be and ensures that you can rebuild and rebrand yourself.

“Life is too short for regret. Take notes on what lights that fire in you, and have the courage to go after it! Everything you need will be on that path.”

No give up! No surrender! Just looking forward towards the future. Towards getting better with dealing with pain, racing thoughts of an intrusive past, and existential regret. If you feel like a failure, LokkisKott is here to tell you he has been there and felt like one too. The only difference is his musical landscape makes self-reflective lyrics shine as bright as the guitar work does at the start of this song.

LokkisKott has a lot of potential and seeing as this is their first single, I hope it doesn’t go to waste. This is an artist that should keep making music through his pain.

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