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Adam Randy – Don’t Play


With solid keyboard riffs and robotic chaos vocals, Adam Randy makes goofy songs with serious undertones. Do NOT mess with this guy. He WILL destroy you. And the lyrics he layers over his 80’s anthem by way of b-movie Daniel Johnson overt madness, he somehow finds an original voice for himself in a sea of copycat imitators.

Take a listen to all four glorious minutes of “Don’t Play” on May 23 (when it drops). For now, let us know what you think of his 2022 single “Another Song.”

“Don’t play with my love you’ll regret it forever” absolutely defines the name of his lyrical game. Deepening his rage by giving out his emotional pain like Snickers bars on Halloween night, I hope you take the advice “Don’t Play” suggests. I’m looking at you, ex-lovers of the world.

“I wanted to write, record and release a song that really rocked and had a driving beat and electric guitars mixed with strings, a bit different than most of my other songs. I got the idea for the music from an obscure Neil Diamond Song called “Diamond Girls” which has a similar vibe and arrangement. The message of the song is Don’t Play games with me or you’ll be sorry!”

That sentiment is refreshing in an age where most signed artists are told what to sing, where to tour, and how to be as a musician. Adam does not seem to follow any of these rules, in fact, he tears them apart at the seams, and I feel bad for whoever tried to ruin this guy’s emotional wellbeing. But hey, whoever played with his head, we can at least be thankful for delivering us this anti-bully shoot um up with words track. He’s on to something here.

I look forward to Adam’s future work. Let’s hope for less people playing with his heart and a lot more Neil Diamond covers. Though if he keeps making build me back from the broken heart hurt ballads, we should as listeners be lucky. He has the eye of the tiger… and metaphorically the claws of one too.

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