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Sanjay Michael – Rocking Into Midnight


The title track, kicking off the entire album, is a cross between peak AC/DC and mid-eighties Def Leppard. With tales of old love and young love, miniskirts and high heels, Sanjay is all about making classic chord progressions fresh again. And while his vocals are certainly off at points, they do not deviate away from the warmth and fun Mr. Michael brings on all of these tracks.

Check out the song for yourself and let us know what you think!

I did all the instruments and vocals myself, apart from the drums. Why? – Because it was hard getting other people out to the studio during the pandemic and because the more I decided to try, the more I found I could do!”

So sure his vocals aren’t Bon Scott, and more of a drunken to bits after three hits of stronger than Satan moonshine, but that doesn’t take away from the fact he basically recreated the sound of his heroes to great success here. “Rocking into Midnight” is a romp through “we gotta see that movie, duuude” movie trailer music ambiance. “Rattlesnake Shuffle” has some of his best guitar work, mixed and mashed with southern twang and an overdubbed chorus that just the FM radio works.

The album is set for a July 7th release, with the lead single and title track “Rocking Into Midnight” arriving on streaming services May 12th… so you’ll have to wait to hear the rest of the old school rock ‘n’ roll Sanjay serves up here like Popeye’s biscuits after a night of harsh whiskey and bar room flirting. But waiting is always worth it, right?

A reminder that he isn’t a two bit hustler comes in the form of Michael’s ability to handle his acoustic with copycat style as well as his electric, with songs like “Fly Away” mirroring the same type of mood that early Led Zeppelin accomplished so fucking terrifically. He is a bar band of one, and that self-labeling gusto, that powerhouse of confidence, is exactly what made Dr. John the funk rocker legend he always was and has been.

Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes peeled… Sanjay is worth a classic rocker’s time.

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