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Vectralux – The Subtle Extravaganza


Hokey for all the right reasons they don’t need, Vectralux succeed in creating an album their heroes would (and will) be proud of. The Subtle Extravaganza is a whipped fun, screechy romp that calls back to the days when we didn’t know Michael Imperioli’s favorite band was Dinosaur Jr.

This new short set represents as much a maturation of the writing style as a departure from the first record. Still displaying the same decades-spanning influences, but incorporating darker themes and new sounds, this EP still shines with effervescent optimism served with a wry grin. Hear the new album at Bandcamp, dropping later this April.

These Atlanta boys have become Atlanta men, and the trials and tribulations of aging while feeling (and playing) like they are still in their early twenties is key to why you might like this album. Much like American Football’s second album, Vectralux shine on by being themselves… even if that means some over baked synth gets thrown into the mix. The guitar is killer and sure the vocals dip in and out of quality, but it adds the flavor of age The Subtle Extravaganza contains.

Take a listen to their older stuff to see just how far they’ve come. I think “Hey!” is a strong starting point, as poppy as it is seeded with Beatles runaround antics.

Lead singer Hannibal is as hungry as Anthony Hopkins in The Elephant Man. It is just that, much like the seminal character of that film, his melodic flaws make the project much more listenable.

This is an album about crashing down on the waves, finding out how hard it can be to love someone after years of effort, and the blink of an eye passages of time lost in memories somehow, some way, we all can recall. The drums crumble with brilliance, Kelly Shane is terrific here, and I was left hoping for a solo or two. However, once you put together Hannibal is playing all the guitar while singing his vocal cords away, you’ll be left wondering what Vectralux is going to release next.

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