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RPxSB and Nomadic – Shaggy Carpets


Before I begin this review, please know that I am already a fan of these guys. Don’t hold my good taste against me.

Now then, remember when hip hop wasn’t a off-put congratulated pile of wanna be garbage? When it was about brotherhood, foundations of fellowship, and ties between friends, enemies, and the universal principle of truth? RPxSB and Nomadic bring that sound back on Shaggy Carpets, ringing as loud and clear as Flava Flav’s alarm clock.

In my opinion, the reason why the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique will stand the test of time is because it is an album that celebrates, critiques, and flatters the notion that hip hop is art, while elevating the medium in ways nobody, from diehard fans to king Robert Christgau had expected at the time of its release. And sure, these guys aren’t Da Beasties… and that’s exactly why you should listen.

RPxSB and Nomadic have their own brand, own sound, and own their microphones like Phife and Q. Of course there are influences and references abundant here, yet little copy paste imitation.

Where the opener “Planet X” sets the mood, with a guitar that is almost purposefully mixed in too loud, the duo deliver what is currently their best track in audial existence, “Shaggy Carpets.” Swagger without braggadocios nature. Intelligent without being annoying. Take a listen for yourself.

Dedicated to the craft and at ease on the mic, RPxSB‘s charisma is natural because it comes from real connection – Roddy Picante and Stay-Bizzy are childhood friends who have been through it all together. And maaaaaaaaaan does it show. The signature track is as budding and chill as their inseparable bond. Let alone, these two are an insuperable pair in the age of raps with false authenticity, modesty, and Started From The Bottom Of Degrassi High success.

I love the Nas and Jay Z call back on “Detrimental” as much as I adore the chopped to absolute pieces beat on “Boom Boom Room.”

The song transitions remind me of Mac Miller’s stoned to the tits Faces, mostly due to the carefree and still seriously approachable attitude the seven tracks contain. And like all great hip hop, Roddy Picante and Stay-Bizzy showcase their humanity instead preaching out humanities for bandwagon political flavor of the month appeal. It is downright refreshing.

Let’s just hope they keep munching psilocybin and stay as unfiltered as they are low-key lyrically dangerous. Incredible fun to be had if you take a listen… just know the comedown hurts like a motherfucker.


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