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Artist Spotlight: Zen Dash featuring Black Water – “Philly Shell” (Prod. Black Water)


For the first edition of the “Emcee Feature Match,” we are excited to present Zen Dash‘s track “Philly Shell,” featuring a verse and production by collaborator Black Water.

The short intro is loose enough to leave you wondering what will happen next, but as soon as the beat drops Zen Dash’s opening verse brings the track to life. Layering pointed word choice and a calm, stern delivery over a somber piano sample sets an introspective tone for an overall great song, which feels both considerate and meaningful without trying to be too much. Black Water follows with an equally thoughtful verse, playing with rhythm and rhyme schemes in a way that is simple enough to be accessible, yet varies enough to remain interesting.

“Philly Shell” comes at a time when many of us are searching for the words to say. The song seems to represent a certain conviction that comes from reflection, honesty prevailing over feigned significance with genuine emotion as the driving force. It’s important that we all listen right now – to our peers, to our leaders, but also to ourselves.


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