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New Music: T.K. Drops Energetic, Introspective Track “Anxiety Paradise”


The title of T.K.‘s latest track is particularly fitting, with the juxtaposition of “anxiety” and “paradise” being represented not only through words, but also sonically within the song. With a beat that brings EDM-inspired textures to a familiar Soundcloud rap aesthetic, combined with lyrical delivery that feels both jarring and inviting, there is something familiar and warm about the track despite its high-tempo and somewhat choppy structure.

We all have our personal dealings with mental well-being in one way or another, and the reality is that the concept of “normal” does not really exist. Instead, it’s important to embrace our flaws while addressing them as needed, which involves a critical lens of self-reflection and deliberate progression, but also an acceptance of who we are and how we feel at any given moment. “Anxiety Paradise” is just that, a difficult emotion that T.K. wants to feel comfortable with, and this song is his attempt at doing so.

Check out T.K.’s latest track “Anxiety Paradise” on your preferred platform here, and be sure to look out for more by following him on Instagram and Twitter.



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