Home Music Artist Spotlight: Lokye’s Latest w/ “Smoothie Bowls” & “Lavender Love Song”

Artist Spotlight: Lokye’s Latest w/ “Smoothie Bowls” & “Lavender Love Song”


Despite the limitations of the current state of the world, many artists are taking advantage of their time at home by releasing content and maintaining relevance as the music industry moves entirely to the digital realm.

Lokye is certainly one example, releasing the visuals for “Smoothie Bowls” just over a month ago, and then most recently dropping his new track “Lavender Love Song.” Both offerings share a common tendency towards a smooth, expanded vocal presence and an overall wavy texture, something that is not uncommon with Weirdoz GANG releases but is nonetheless noticeable in Lokye’s delivery and aesthetic approach.

You can check out both of his latest release below, and be sure to look out for more coming soon from Lokye and the rest of his WG collaborators!

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