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TODAY: Ayana Love Will Debut New Video for “Gratis V (Those Eyes)” TODAY @ JPN & Eats


This evening, LoveAyana Entertainment LLC presents “JPN & Eats,” a cultural exploration of food and music hosted at the Grand on River from 5-9pm, with doors opening at 4:15. The Grand Opening concert will feature a solid lineup of talent, including Curtis Roach, B Free, Milfie, and many more.

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The show’s organizer, Ayana Love, will also have a special treat for attendees tonight. She will premiering the video for her track, “Gratis V (Those Eyes)” at the event, which features production from Nolan the Ninja and visuals directed by DOC$. Love’s abilities in both creation and curation have proven to be a promising combination, and with the event tonight as well as her new video, it seems like there could be some exciting things to come.

Check out Ayana’s music here, and the venue’s Facebook post here. You can also read her bio below:

“Singer and entertainer Ayana Love, which is her given name, is a Detroit native who makes alternative hip hop and R&B. Raised on Detroit’s west side, Ayana’s experiences and inspiration are deeply rooted in a love for her city. Although having a passion in science, and computers Ayana has always had a natural connection to music, art, and entertainment. Singing and participating in activities like pageants, Broadway plays, the Universal Soul Circus and touring nationally/internationally Ayana has encompassed the qualities of what it means to truly entertain any type of audience. Ayana began singing at a young age in her school and church choirs but it wasn’t until her early twenties that she began to be more hands on leading up to her debut EP ‘To Be Human’ featuring production from great names like Nolan The Ninja, Lanre, And Knowledge The Kid. 

Taking a non-traditional approach Ayana began her journey from behind the scenes as she owns an entertainment company. Ayana has been an entrepreneur since the age of 16. Attending college at Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI) she studied journalism and Japanese. Graduating a year early she began to explore more of her deep rooted passions in the art scene back in her hometown and re-launched her company in 2017. Currently, LoveAyana Entertainment, LLC is the branding and entertainment company that hosts artist like herself plus visually representing brands, entities and larger companies for production. With in-house project management and curation Ayana uses her artistry in order to showcase what the company can do for other hard working artists with a dream. Being an independent artist is hard and the why behind her movement is to give opportunity and community to the inspired and motivated individuals who live, breathe and hustle for art. She is well versed in the art of communication and networking as she also incorporates her knowledge of Japanese culture and language into her brand and business. She hopes to teach through her experiences to others to shed light on the path to manifesting dreams into a reality. 

Her inspiration in music has come from iconic artists such as Rihanna, Erykah Badu, Eartha Kitt, Kanye West, Kid Cudi and even alternative bands such as My Chemical Romance, MUSE, and more. Ayana is an old soul who continuously loves to show the importance of tradition and authenticity. “Being real and being yourself” is something she hopes her brand serves as an example for her peers, community and the world. Expect much more from Ayana Love as you’ll never know what’s coming next with the all talented business woman.”

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