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CampbellRambo and Trevillain release new single “Cali Luv”


CampbellRambo and Trevillain just released a highly energetic single entitled “Cali Luv”. The song features an infectious chorus, a variety of harmonies and entertaining vocals with CampbellRambo handling production and both artists hopping on the track.

Trevillian boasts witty bars and catchy chorus’. As an artist, Trevillain has been able to create content with rich and meaningful lyricism in an industry ready for a new sound. From a young age, he was exposed to many different eras of music but his inspiration mainly comes from the groundbreaking 2000’s.

CampbellRambo has been playing drums for 15 years  and studied Sound Engineering and Music Production at SAE Institute in Los Angeles. He has a multi-genre skillset that includes R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Funk, Latin, Smooth Jazz and Fusion.

The two paired are an electric duo that have created something utterly special, different and new. Luckily for us, the two tend to gravitate towards working together. So, we have a lot more to look forward to. Take a listen to the track below!

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