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Big Saturn Talks “Right Path EP”


Big Saturn is an artist, rapper, and songwriter based in Toronto, Ontario. Teaming up with Brandon Deriveau (founder of M.A.D. Studios) to executive produce the project, the Right Path EP features production from such promising talents as Yung Lowz,  Zohair Beats, 180Dazz, and DJ Kydd, presenting Saturn as he works to break misconceptions about his musical style and pave the way for further creative exploration in the future. On the project’s title track, Saturn starts off by asserting a comfort with his new direction, crooning a self-assured chorus that exhibits his confidence in exposing uncharted territory. “Guala,” is a bit more somber, with an unassuming guitar sample underlying more boisterous vocals, with words that are drenched in reverb and a touch of autotune. Certain parts are reminiscent of a Travis Scott approach to melody, while others offer hints of various kinds of adlib dexterity. Overall, the project is a unique offering for longtime fans, and a good introduction for those not familiar.

Check out our conversation with Big Saturn below:

B: Tell us about the creative process and the inspirations behind this latest project:

BS: So for creative process, I originally had another project, I just knew I had to drop something as soon as possible, so I had another project with some older material. But as I was getting into the studio more often, getting more comfortable with my surroundings and my producer, a connection was made and we started banging out more solid tracks, which eventually became what you see today. It really just came from the energy and the vibe we created, and we were able to pick a brand new set of 6 songs for Right Path.

B: If you had to describe the project in a sentence or two, what would you say?

BS: I think this project is different from other things coming out of Toronto, I think it shows growth and improvement, and just shows people that it’s ok to be different, you don’t have to be stuck in any sort of expectation.

B: What do you hope that fans will get out of the project?

BS: For people that have been following me for a minute, seeing the progress and growth as an artist, I think they’ll be surprised at the sound because it’s very different from my past work. I tried to touch on certain aspects of mainstream music, taking inspiration from ear-candy tracks and whatnot, so I think it’ll be a new experience for a lot of people.

B: You touched on it a bit, but how does this project fit into the rest of your discography?

BS: The EP was really the first group of songs that we were really happy with from that creative process, so since then we’ve become more comfortable, our chemistry is getting better, so we probably now have enough material for at least 2 or 3 additional releases at this point. There are certain similarities between all of the tracks, but at the same time they feature a lot of different styles and approaches as we explore new ways of creating together.

B: Wrapping up, is there anything else you’d like to add or things we should look out for?

BS: As of 2019 I plan on being more consistent with my releases, and continuing to improve my sound and my approach to making music. So for this year just look out for more drops, more music, more releases, and I’ll be travelling a lot, so more international collaborations. Overall, this is just the beginning.

Check out Big Saturn’s Right Path EP on iTunes / Apple Music below, and look for more coming from the Toronto artist in 2019 and beyond:



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