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Pain: A Conversation with homelessxhonds


Detroit artist homelessxhonds is a rising talent in Detroit’s underground scene, frequenting showcases and collaborating with a wide range of creatives to push the boundaries of genre and influence. Today he releases PAIN, an EP that presents a medley of sounds and styles that defy clear definition, containing certain familiar elements that contrast with departures from any certain inspiration. The fact the project eludes easy characterization is of course deliberate if you know honds, whose carefully veiled artistic identity reveals itself in short spurts while remaining hidden enough to stay intriguing.

We sat down with honds to discuss the project, his creative process, and what to look out for next:

image1-2.jpegB: What were your inspirations behind this project?

H: a majority of tha tape was recorded on a really stressful day when i just had to release my emotions thru tha vibrations n freestyle n my bro EJ’s beat (middle 3 joints). pain is just how it feels sometimes, tha battle of life.

B: What was the creative process like?

H: okay so the EP has mostly newer songs of mine, like i said tha middle 3 joints were all recorded in one night. tha first one i recorded twice actually on two diff occasions n kinda fused both takes together because i like both tha energies

B: What do you hope that fans will get out of the project?

H: I really just hope to touch somebody’s heart and soul w/some words they can relate too. tryna give somebody’s life a soundtrack, yknow?

B: If you had to describe the project in a sentence, what would you say?

H: when you can’t do anything else but express who you are and how you feel.

B: What should we be looking out for in the future?

H: well me n and my group (HONESTSOUND) are dropping music every month for 2019 so just expect a lot of collabs between tha group (@honestsound) and collabs from others in tha local scene as well. I’ve been working a lot more w/others in tha last few months a lot more than when i started putting “raps” together.

Listen to PAIN on your favorite streaming platform here: https://ampl.ink/WjYar

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