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Preview: Soulection’s “The Sound of Tomorrow,” Wednesday 10/24 @ El Club


From their website:

“Bringing together all forms of progressive music, Soulection is an independent music platform, radio show, and artist collective that was founded in Los Angeles in 2011. By consistently bringing visibility to meaningful music and curating memorable experiences, Soulection has broadcast it’s vision and created a culture that brings together hundreds of thousands of supporters worldwide.”

Soulection’s ubiquitous presence in electronic music is undeniable. With a solid collection of contributors, a consistently impressive radio show, and an overall commitment to a strong musical and visual aesthetic, the multi-faceted music collective has become a force to reckon with, which is no small feat in a genre that is perpetually evolving and elusive in its distinction. The fact that the phrase “Soulection-type beat” exists says it all; round, engulfing 808’s mesh with attention to textural detail, producing an addictive and club-ready sound that might at-once be considered a more culturally significant predecessor to “Chill Beats to Study and Relax to.”


While the collective boasts a roster of names that rivals most anyone else in the scene, “The Sound of Tomorrow” tour focuses on certain affiliates that represent the group’s vision for what the next wave of electronic music’s progression might sound like. The lineup includes an exiting range of talent, from LA’s esta.  to Chicago’s Monte Booker and Sahar Habibi, as well as New York’s Devin Tracy. The night promises to be a strong statement of intention from one of electronic music’s most reliable taste-makers; for those that are intrigued about what might come next, it’s a can’t-miss.

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