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Review: Rioma Delivers with Pour You Up Video


Rioma drops visuals for his bass thumping track, Pour You Up.

Rioma’s delivery is a fantastic compliment to this beat. The song deals with a girl Rioma is with that only wants a styrofoam cup. Though he doesn’t partake, Rioma has druggies on deck for her. Overall, this is a fun song with a really fun bridge. Perfect for those weekend pregames or even the wild kick back.

The video, “shot and chopped” by Kim Cas, is as fun as the song. A true product of the DIY production generation, Cas does a good job capturing Rioma’s presence and he seems comfortable in each setting. Whether in front of the a green screen or in front of a graffiti-ed wall, Cas has all the editing effects for you from screen wipes to trail effects. Very cool things happen with a mask Rioma habitually rocks like a bandana. A key moment in the video is when Rioma goes double; a sick mirror effect accented with smoke and a dark color motif.

Pour You Up is worth the listen. The music video is definitely worth a couple views. Check Rioma’s official YouTube page to see what else is worth your time.

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