Home Music Vancouver artist Immerze drops new single “MORE”

Vancouver artist Immerze drops new single “MORE”


Vancouver is overlooked as a hub for talented hip hop artists. Unlike Toronto, which has enjoyed unprecedented attention thanks to the success of artists like Drake and The Weeknd, Vancouver is unquestionably more low-key. From the city of Vancouver, emerges Kordoroy Floyd whose stage name is Immerze. A hip hop artist, who is creating a name for himself, and his city.

On “MORE”, he begins with an ignition in the first verse which leads to a lyrical explosion in the second verse. This single is sprinkled with engaging ad-libs to back the outstanding production by jazzy bubblez.

“MORE” (Single): iTunes Soundcloud Apple Music Audiomack

Twitter: Immerze

Tommy spent his teenage years interacting and building a network with artists in LA. He has always been surrounded by friends who are independent artists and creatives. However, when he discovered he had no flair (nor the required vocals) to be a music artist, he fell in love with Pop culture. He loves music and movies.

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