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This is way beyond fashionably late, but you gotta hear this shit.

NOLAN, formerly known as Nolan the Ninja (or maybe currently? we’re still unsure) dropped a new track a few weeks ago titled “NUMB.” Stylistically it’s a departure from his modern reincarnation of boom-bap that we’ve heard in the past, but the meticulous production and agile wordplay remain intact.

Progression is inherent in good art. For better or worse, once creators find a lane, they will either latch onto it dearly or reject it completely in their subsequent work. Of course I’m downplaying the gray area in between, but what’s interesting about playing it safe?

All I will say is, whether you’ve been a longtime fan or not, Nolan has proven his mastery of a certain section of hip hop. With “NUMB,” he stays consistent enough to be recognized while still doing some ambitious exploration. New directions are risky moves, but this one certainly paid off.

Check out the new track below, with visuals by the one and only Alec Aretakis, and look out for what’s next:

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