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Prada Leary Goes All Out on Chuck Inglish-produced “Playboy Bunny”


Prada Leary hasn’t slowed down since he started promoting his upcoming project, Drug Music 3. The next installment comes in the form of “Playboy Bunny,” a high-energy and insistently charismatic track that finds the rapper dancing over a Chuck Inglish beat with  the help of Rob Apollo from Bleeding Hearts Club.

In anticipation for the new drop, we caught up with Prada to ask him a few questions about the song and what he’s been up to:

B: What’s the first album you ever purchased?

P: Blueprint by Jay Z

B: How’s LA been the last month or so? 

P: LA been lit; got a nice support system, shoutout Jordan Roberts, Keith Stunna, Rex Kudo, & Bobby Raps. Been bustin my ass, workin out, partyin’, meditating, etc.

B: How did this new song come about? 

P: I known Chuck for like 5 years, I pulled up on him my second week in LA and he gave me a beat he made for Maxo. I had Northside Vanloo mix it because I know Chuck’s one of his favorite artists, and I had to put Rob Apollo on it cause he just that guy.

B: What has your creative process been like for this new project? 

P: My creative process is freedom. Pure freedom.

B: What can we expect from DM3? 

P: DM3 is 27 songs and the album of 2018.

B: Anything else you want the fans to know? 

P: Just know I’ve been puttin in 12-14 hour a night studio sessions, this album will be a masterpiece.

Enough said, listen to “Playboy Bunny” and watch out for Drug Music 3, dropping when the time is right.



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