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Video7 Breaks New Ground with Satellite 001


(photos by broccoli)

If you’re familiar with Video7, you’ve probably experienced Cable Nite. The series is known for presenting a flurry of talent from the collective, in the form of short bursts of performance, tied together by guest appearances and plentiful collaborations.

In contrast, their newest series Satellite takes a different approach, showcasing longer sets from a select group of artists, with the purpose of sharing larger doses of their impressive roster with the world. A few weeks ago, the team put this concept to the test.

I Am Day

Riding the wave of Cable Nite‘s success, and with a little help from an open bar courtesy of Deep Eddy Vodka, Satellite‘s first rendition was yet another example of the evolving dynamics and impressive execution that has come to be expected of Video7.

After Webslinger warmed up the stage, I Am Day provided a soulful start to the evening’s live performances. With the help of a solid backing band, playing with a poised discipline that let the vocalist shine while still maintaining its relevance, the music was meaningful and moving.

Benjamin Earl Turner

Next, Benjamin Earl Turner brought old-school lyricism coupled with bursts of modern trap energy, dropping bass-filled bangers followed by somber a cappellas that displayed the breadth of his musical landscape. He frequently engaged with the crowd, giving depth to his music through brief explanation and energetic delivery.

Last but certainly not least, Supercoolwicked transfixed the crowd with her undeniable talent, delivered with a disarming authenticity that balances well her hard earned self-assurance. Her looks can say as much as the music at times, using visual cues to broaden the modes of expression at her disposal. With an eye for choreography and an affinity for movement, her shows are always a multi-faceted experience.


The night was proof that Video7 seeks to evade definition: the group carries an air of mystery, a quiet confidence that comes from long nights in rehearsal and a commitment to preparation. As Video7 continues to progress as a collective, music presenter, and creative community, all we have to say is: you won’t want to miss their next thing, whatever that may be.


Broccoli is a scientific artisan with a personality disorder. His work often centers around identity, the relationship between an artist and their work, and the psychology of emotion. He likes to lay out in the sun and grow.

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