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Jay Rock Wants Us All To Win


Amidst all the diss tracks and score keeping; TDE’s Jay Rock would like us all to aspire for more with a legitimate banger of 2018. Win, off his upcoming 3rd album Redemption (pre-order available and drops 6/15), is straight heat with a fantastic message: focus on yourself, your goals, cut em off, and win!


The song has been live on streaming platforms for a couple weeks but the video just came alive yesterday.

The video is as straight forward as the song. It fades in with a mini horn section and booming pyro that feels like a intro fit for a football sprint out the tunnel. Enter captain Jay Rock and his right hand man, Kendrick Lamar, who supports Jay Rock and all his winning ways. Now marvel at all the ways Jay (and the viewer in a sense) win: on the battlefield, in sports, a game of pool, taking out his haters at will, loving a group of beautiful women, hunting ducks, giving motivational battle cries to his squad. The true Kodak moment of this video is a slow-mo shot of Jay Rock and a chunk of TDE posing. They all fill the frame to the brim; though they don’t clash or suffocate the viewer. The black attire is a fantastic contrast and it honestly draws an inkling of a smile because of how much fun it looks. That alone makes the video worth seeing (and an awesome screen saver). Masterful direction from Dave Meyers & Dave Free (of The Little Homies). The cherry on top to this stylistic video is the ending, a vulture feats on the spoils of war with the melodic horns fading out just as they came in.

Jay Rock’s Win is a summer ’18 anthem and should be appreciated as such. Slap this at max volume on the way to work, during the next gym circuit, at every possible opportunity; it is that motivating. Kendrick ad-libbing (mommy!) is the perfect compliment to the tone Jay Rock sets. Though the ones in our own circles may push us to strive for success, it is not nearly as effective as Jay Rock’s Win.

Watch the video, add this track to all the playlists, and by the grace of Jay Rock and TDE: “Win, Win, Win, WIN!”

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