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Wave Lord drops “Seen It All” visual


Born and raised in The Bahamas before moving to Canada to make use of the opportunities there with little in his pocket but plenty in his mind. In comes Wave Lord who used rap to express himself as he grew through each experience, the good, bad and unpredictable, with ups and downs much like a wave.

Moving up to Canada was a double edged sword for him. On one hand he got the opportunity most people from The Bahamas don’t really get: the chance to leave the island to make a name for themselves. On the other hand, in Canada, he was living as a broke, college student who ate ramen noodles most days and some nights he wouldn’t get to eat at all–too busy trying to manage his music career out of pocket and balance my grades. When he was kicked out of school due to bad grades he realized it was time to take his music career seriously.

He believes he has exactly what it takes to take the industry by storm with his versatile and unique sound and style. Do you?

Check out Wave Lord’s new music video to SEEN IT ALL out now!


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