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Pop Sensation Sonali is back with a new single, “Close Enough”


Pop sensation (and Florida native) Sonali is back with a new single, “Close Enough,” and preparing to take over the stage at Florida’s acclaimed SunFest music festival!<

Listen to the track here:

After her audacious battle with Lyme Disease the rising pop star is back and ready to take over SunFest! She’ll be performing on Sunday, May 6th at 5PM.  And before rocking the stage, she’ll be releasing her song, “Close Enough,” a dazzling pop track that combines thoughtful lyrics and powerful vocals.

Sonali’s unique and hard-hitting pop sound has amassed coverage from publications like HuffPost, Buzzfeed, The Examiner, Washington Square News and more.

“What stands out the most in Argade’s new single is her sheer vocal ability. She doesn’t rely on devices like raspy timbre, which has dominated female indie vocals in recent years.” – Washington Square News. 

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