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BeachFrontProperty Donates Proceeds to Football Team


BeachFrontProperty is an independent brand created in Brooklyn, NY, Specifically in Coney Island. Many people have inquisitions about the name and how it came about. The founder explains a friend of his from New Jersey commented on New Yorkers being so fashionable and summed it up in one word, BeachFrontProperty.

“Our latest design represents the Coney Island Polar Bear. Every January 1st, we see the Coney Island Polar Bear Club taking a dip into the water that is broadcasted on all news channels. So we designed a mascot to represent the club during the winter times.”

He Continues by describing the benefits of being an independent brand.

“It is important to us that we maintain our creative control as an independent brand. We would love to do collaborations with powerhouses such as Ralph Lauren, Dapper Dan, & Donna Karen.”


The founder begins to describe his logo that contains the famous Cyclone and Wonder Wheel.

“Every design I do comes from Coney Island. The logo was created solely for my friend’s mixtape. He requested to use the Wonder Wheel image. I fell in love with the idea of having Coney Island landmarks as a logo so I added the Cyclone to the design. This logo features two of the biggest attractions in the world and being that they’re both in Coney Island puts the icing on the cake. The logo shows both the Wonder Wheel wearing the Cyclone as a tilted crown and it came out perfect.”


BeachFrontProperty sells merchandise and the proceeds go to their local football team, Coney Island Sharks. When asked about the idea the founder explains:

“We wanted to give back to our community and we believed that the football team was the perfect place to do it. Once we found out that the Coney Island Sharks were still in operation, we decided to sell the Coney Island Shark merchandise. Helping the youth in our community is only the first step into creating a better world.”


The founder explains BeachFrontProperty has received attention from high profile people and organizations due to donating their proceeds to the Coney Island Sharks.

“The Brooklyn Nets organization asked for a few hundred of my Coney Island Sharks fundraiser flyers. They intended to drop one flyer in each of their customer’s bags in their brand new location in Coney Island. The Ford Amphitheater in Coney Island thought our Coney Island Sharks tee’s would be a good idea for the staff working there. We’re currently writing a proposal and pitch for The New York Aquarium so they can sell our Coney Island Sharks merchandise in their gift store. Luna Park executives saw us giving out fundraiser flyers on the beach and we are currently in discussion about a collaboration. We have had many celebrities show respect to our brand including Spike Lee, Shaq, and Tim Gunn from Project Runway. Acknowledging our company’s trademarked logo as being used by another designer live on the show!”


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