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Willy J Peso Talks Working with Royce Da 5’9 , Smoke DZA, Styles P and More


Willy J Peso begins by discussing his origins in the rap game. He began reminiscing to when he was 15 years old, purchasing his first recording mic from Guitar Center. When asked “what were some of the strides taken in order to be the artist you are today?” his response was:

“Investing in my career, learning the business and staying consistent with content on multiple different platforms. Planting seeds and making sure they grow”

When asked how does he continue to progress as an artist, he states:

“I continue to grow as an artist by constantly touring/traveling and acknowledging my core fans”  

Willy admits being from the motor city heavily influences his style of music. He recalls listening to motown records while growing up with his parents. He credits Detroit for having many gospel singers and being able to watch their performances as a child during church. Being able witness different forms of music provides versatility in his own craft.


Breaking down his creative process by saying “Booking studio time and getting really stoned”. He explains that he likes to write everything from scratch inside the studio. The same processes have gone for both of his earlier projects: Indica and Sativa.


Willy J Peso discusses his new album ‘Hybrid’ that will be released March 23rd. This album will feature some of the highly respected figures in the rap game such as Royce Da 5’9, Styles P, and Smoke DZA. He explains each artist showed him different game while working with them.

“Royce session was long and was unexpected. I was able to see a master create perfection in the booth first hand. Styles P session was naturally smoked out and probably happened in the quickest amount of time. We recorded after the Lox performance at St Andrews Hall in Detroit. Smoke Dza was the most planned out session, we recorded the song on 4/20 at 3am after he performed at my annual Stoners Eve concert in Detroit. We met a few months prior in New York and plotted the session for when he came in town. We went from stage to studio to airport in a matter of 6 hours”

Willy concludes his description of ‘Hybrid’ by stating his core fans will enjoy listening to his album. My core fans will love to hear me next to the Big name hip hop artist on the new album and those just getting to know me will love the vibe and energy I bring on Hybrid”

Willy J Peso expands his brand by selling merchandise, StonedLikeWilly. When asked about his clothing brand he explains:

“My Stoned like Willy clothing line is growing rapidly. Cannabis supporters across the country are buying and wearing my hoodies and t-shirts at all the cannabis festivals. I really appreciate the support the brand is getting from my core fans. The brand is helping me bring in new fans that learn about the merchandise prior to listening to my music. Now most of them are hardcore fans of my music and lifestyle”.


The Detroit Artist is currently on tour with Devin the Dude . The artists will be touring 40 cities until May 5th.

Willy J Peso’s music is on all digital platforms, take a listen:

Apple Music , Soundcloud, Spotify


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