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Premiere: King Milo Drops “30for30 Love”


Today Video7 standout King Milo (Scarcetti) dropped a new track “30for30 Love,” a bubbly departure from his usual style that finds the rapper draping a lighter delivery over a self-produced beat that sounds like it shines through the speakers.

Flexing his ever-improving production skills, the beat brings out a different side of Milo, a fact he seems self-aware of with lines like “I’m off the grid like a Y-axis.” Fans have become accustomed to explosive unbridled performances , so it will be interesting to see how his stage presence meshes with such an agreeable backdrop

photo by Broccoli

Check out “30for30 Love” on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music, and check out the promo video below. We’ll be eagerly anticipating his next move.

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