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Mykah-Seth Talks Rapping in College and new ‘Vibes’ EP


Mykah-Seth, formerly YZYKING, is a nineteen year old rapper from Texas who is taking on the difficulties of balancing college life at Bradley University in Illinois while developing his own wave of party-rap. Emcee spoke with Mykah-Seth and got to learn about how college has positively affected his young career.

Mykah-Seth’s latest EP, Vibes, puts a unique spin on party-rap and on it he proves his versatility and songwriting capabilities. “Benjamins” is a favorite on the EP thanks to ice cold contemporary flows and a catchy hook. Prior to Vibes, Mykah-Seth released a three song EP, a nine track album, and several singles, all of which have served as a great base for the young artist to catapult off of.

Originally from Crowley, Texas, a small town aCloGsjMof less than fifteen thousand, Mykah-Seth would go to Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts and then make his way to Bradley University where he would encounter a student body with an active music scene and generally diverse tastes in music. As Mykah-Seth looks to go deeper into the scene and start performing his own gigs, he’s making progress on a new project “STAYAWAYFROMTHEATRECHICKS.”  due for release this Christmas.


Emcee: Can you tell us about your song making process? 

Mykah-Seth: “My songwriting process is a little weird… I have to be alone where no one can hear me. It’s me with my notes on my phone and an instrumental. I can only focus on one song at a time I usually start off with the flow first because that’s what pieces the song together, then I add words and emotions to it.  I also experiment with songs like if screaming would be better on this track or if i should just sing it, or rap it. I need to be alone because there’s no other influences or “you should do this”. It’s just purely me and what i feel on the tracks”

How has college affected your career thus far?

“College affected my career in a more positive way. I know that’s weird to think about but when i was in high school I didn’t have a lot of people I could market to because our school was so small. Now there’s just so many people I can share my music with. Going to Parties makes you more notable as a person here so it’s just more exposure in general. I get a lot more support for my music here than I used to at my old school. It’s just a big pool of marketable young adults”

So you’re obviously down with the local scene. Have you thought about or made plans to do local gigs?

“I’ve thought about doing gigs here a lot for fraternities and parties I’d just have to make more party music, I really don’t have a lot of that in my arsenal right now. In the surrounding Peoria area there’s not a lot to do so we would have to see about outside the college world… when I’m back in Fort Worth I’m trying to get a gig together with a couple of rappers but it’s still in the planning stage”

What are your general thoughts on performing this early in your career?

“I would love to perform. I feel like that’s what I really want out of rap is to be able showcase my energy for people. But like I said I really need the fans to be vibing with me not just sitting there, so I need some bangers before i start performing right now. That’s what the new album is for”

Good thinking. What’s one realistic goal you’d like to see yourself break in the next year? Have a dream collaboration?

“One realistic goal is to have all of the frats play my music by the end of the school year. Or performing for a fraternity by the end of the year. My dream collabs are me and Trippie Redd or me and Rich The Kid and (Famous) Dex.”

Check out Mykah-Seth’s Vibes and follow him on social media!

Snapchat: Mykah56 Twitter: @REALYZYKING

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