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Alesia Fisher Talks Her ‘Ultimate Self Care Planner’


Alesia Fisher is a young print designer and entrepreneur based in the Brooklyn, NY, who majored in Graphic Design at Union University in Tennessee. She has collaborated with a number of brands, including TURN Gallery NYC, Showtime, Parallel Magazine, and Masters Magazine.

Her designs are inspired by several aspects of her personal life including her footing within the queer community, her love for animals, and her ever growing knowledge of social issues. Her designs continue to change as quickly as modern style demands.

But what we found her through was the ‘Ultimate Self Care Planner’ she created and designed, which we found fascinating and incredible!

The Planner includes Self Reflection Notes, Self Help Checklists, Sleep Tracker, Daily Routine Checklists, Writing Prompts, Self Care Challenges, Grocery Lists, Budget Plans, Coloring Pages, a Monthly Mood Chart and more.

Currently Alesia is selling her Planner as a downloadable and printable booklet (click to purchase) but also started GoFundMe campaign to raise money to turn the Planner into a real binded Journal. If you would like to donate to her cause, click here to be redirected.

Check out our interview with Alesia below!

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a 25 year old former sculptor turned graphic designer living in Brooklyn, NY.

What inspired you to become a visual artist?

Back in the 90s ADHD wasn’t a thing. My parents just thought I was badly behaved and lacked communication skills so I always had a difficult time expressing myself. I started creating visually to better communicate the things I couldn’t easily put into words. It kind of stuck with me through adulthood.

What does “being creative” mean to you?

Being creative (as a visual artist) is like a sacred language. It’s communicating in ways that words can not do justice. You never know who is listening to you. You never know who you have touched. It’s powerful.

What’s your background?

I attended a private Christian university in small-town Tennessee (where I’m originally from) where I found a love for sculpting. By Junior year I was welding and apprenticing under a metal artist and I also won a scholarship for visual art. However, before sculpting, I started out as a Graphic Design student and switched emphasis mid college career because my ADHD was becoming worse from such static computer work. Honestly I hated graphic design, but only studied it to heighten my chances of becoming employed in the future. I was beyond bored and needed to find a loophole. By Senior year I had combined both graphic design and sculpture into my student work so that I could become better at both. I worked a lot with handmade typography.

Professionally, what’s your goal?

Professionally, my goal is to help those with mental illness. My mental health took a steep decline while in college. Being a black, gay student in a strict white religious environment was extremely depressing and lonely. I was often isolated and turned to several unhealthy coping mechanisms. On top of constantly being gaslit into thinking my professors had nothing against me, I was unfairly failed my fourth year of college by a bigoted professor who ruined my GPA and ultimately ruined my scholarships. I was a wreck… I dropped out that same day and moved to NYC with $300 the very next month.

That was 3 years ago and so much happened during that time span… many ups and downs. My mental health took a major beating and in May 2016 I was hospitalized after attempting suicide from losing my job and having a difficult time finding employment as a “drop out”. I was diagnosed with manic depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder and put on several medications just to help me function.

I created the Self Care Planner because I know all too well the physical weight of mental illness and the ugly stigmas attached to those who suffer from it. I wanted to create something less “medical” and more inviting. So far customer feedback has been phenomenal. My next step is to turn it into a physical book.

Can you elaborate on your inspiration to start the Ultimate Self Care Planner?

The trauma I experienced in my past (as stated above). Also from seeing young people with mental illness shamed or ashamed of their instability. Therapy and medications are a luxury in this economy…Not everyone has access. I wanted to provide an affordable resource for those who mentally need it.

What is unique about your Planner compared to others you’ve seen?

I’ve seen many life organizing planners, but never one for mental health that has also been produced and sold on the market. I guess it’s unique on it’s own based on the target audience.

How long did it take you to complete from start to finish?

Ha! Funny story…it took three days. I started working on it and casually tweeted asking people if they’d buy something like this. Replies started pouring in and people were super interested. I was hyped and finished it before the weekend!

What has the response from people who have purchased the Planner?

I received several 5-star reviews on Etsy. Customers even personally emailed me to say how thankful they were.

Have you reached out to publishing agencies or houses to distribute it?

I have reached out to several mental health facilities and therapists in hopes of spreading the word about my planner. A youth organization in Baltimore for LQBTQA youth bought a copy and has since gotten permission to distribute throughout their building. The more people I reach the more people I can help!

In your opinion, what role does the artist have in society?

To raise awareness, for sure. Even art that isn’t supposed to be “deep” can get people talking. Artists have the power to convey thoughts in almost unlimited ways. Even children are fascinated by picture books before they find interest in actual words. I’ve always had an appreciation for artists who dumb down their work so that the general public can feel included. I tend to do that with my work. I like taking intimidating concepts and softening them to reach more people.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Give up on moving to New York”
It pushed me to stay here no matter how difficult things were. Use peoples’ doubts as fuel to overcome. (Easier said than done)

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