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“The News” by Endy5ive


Every other hour…on the 5s or 9s…etc you can turn on (however you may) your local, national, or world news. I wonder about it sometimes though. After looking into the darker side of TV- marketing, and influence, I wonder how much “news” is actually informative.

I wonder if its purpose is to scare and deter. Control and influence; as I stated earlier.

Fire…….shooting…robbery...murder..weather……politics. Special interest story…..celebrity news…..How much information? Are we given the opportunity to see what is controlling our emotions?

I believe we could stand to hear less about what I call “everyday occurrences.” Furthermore, shows like ‘Dateline’ seems to outline the idea that we should care about people we’ve never heard of that have suffered tragedy. As if somehow their family is more significant if they create a dramatization… with music to tell the story.

In my opinion those stories do nothing more than make us paranoid and scared to live in a world we already know is ugly.

So I say,

Sorry news: I do not need to be reminded. Give me something to hope for.. better yet- give me hope. In 2017, everything that happens is told over, and over already where we only need that of which nourishes our minds.

Leave it up to those other outlets to give us the fluff if we so need it-  and educate us in an un-biased way. For this is not the age of old- I will fact-check you, and if youre just here to garner ratings and sway political votes.. I will know. If you are here just to passive aggressively support hate for a group of people disguised as monologue I will understand. If youre here to use attractive women as a vessel to indoctrinate sex and not information I. will.know.

News, you are NOT my teacher- you are my delivery driver….I could use you but I dont need you.

Oh news.. go away, and come back when your story is straight. E.F.

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