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2 Chainz leaves the Fillmore in Flames

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Last weekend my friend got us some tickets to see 2 Chainz aka Tity Boi at the Fillmore in Detroit. During the show I had realized something about the rapper that I had always known but couldn’t formulate into words until I had seen him in concert. That was this; not only does 2 Chainz have a wide arsenal of hits he’s been featured on, but he is a highlight and necessary part to every hit song he’s on. 2 Chainz is the fun element that every hip hop banger needs.

I started to realize it when 2 Chainz started the show playing songs he was featured on instead of from his newest album ‘Pretty Girls Love Trap Music’. It set the tone when he played songs like ‘No Worries’, ‘All me’ and ‘Bandz a Make Her Dance’. At that point the crowd knew tonight was about playing bangers, this wasn’t a melo, intimate show. He then took time to dive into some tracks off of his newest album like ‘OG Kush Diet’ and ‘Trap Check’ so again he showcased more tracks to get the crowd hyped up. This showed me 2 Chainz is all about having a good time and he definitely made sure the crowd had one.

The whole set itself reflected 2 Chainz’ fun attitude. Did I mention he was being pushed in a wheelchair by a nurse (who by the way was a talented twerker) for the whole show? Ya, 2 Chainz was having too much fun on stage and it was infectious for the crowd. This then made me realize, this fun attitude must not only be infectious for crowds that he performs in front of but for every artist that he works with. It’s not an accident that 2 Chainz had hit after hit that the crowd could sing along to with various different rappers. From Drake, to Nicki Minaj it doesn’t matter 2 Chainz makes a certain brand of hit song when he features on your track. So much so that he can throw these features on a setlist and have it flow seamlessly with his other bodies of work.

So safe to say I gained a newfound respect for 2 Chainz and what he does on the mic. He brings the heat, the energy and the fun that you want out of your modern day hip hop hit. Moral of the story, Chainz left the Fillmore in flames as I’m sure he does at many other venues on his Pretty Girls Love Trap Music Tour.

Kwabena is a business student at Wayne State University but when he's not in the books his main focus is hip hop. Outside of writing for EMCEE Kwab is making music, performing at local showcases, drawing graphic and clothing designs while networking with other artists around the downtown Detroit area to create and build his own brand in the city. He loves to talk to people about hip hop culture and is determined to put his own stamp on it.

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