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EMCEE Talks to Host of #TheCrib on XXL Radio, Gary Raab


Miami native, Gary Raab, is the host and producer of the Dash radio show, #TheCrib, which airs on the XXL Magazine’s station every Tuesday at 8pm EST/5pm PST. Known as G-Raab, Gary is no stranger to the hip-hop scene in Miami. Starting out as the host of Miami Music Television, and now with his own show, G-Raab has had a chance to talk with artists across all spectrums of hip-hop including the likes of Rich Homie Quan, Ace Hood, Zoey Dollaz, Flo Rida and others.

As EMCEE’s Miami counterpart, I had a chance to ask Gary some questions about how he got started in the music industry and the experiences he’s had so far in his career. G-Raab has been bringing #TheCrib to Dash radio in conjunction with Mike Schill (Assistant Producer) since early 2017, and will continue to deliver the latest in hiphop with personable artist interviews every week; so be sure to tune into XXL Magazines’ station to listen to him do what he does best. As for now however, I put Gary in the hot seat to ask him a few questions of my own, and here is what he had to say:

What first sparked your interest to get into the radio industry and/or the hip-hop industry?
Right place right time. I first started out as a manager for a hip hop group named “Your Moms Favorite” aka YMF.  These guys got themselves on a tv show.  After meeting the producer I decided to make the most of the opportunity by showing up to all of the tv shows events in the Miami area. One thing led to another before I finally asked the producer about hosting the show.  He laughed at me and said go get an interview with kid rock and the show is yours. I got an interview with Kid Rock and became the show’s host.

What do you think are the perks of a streaming radio service like Dash radio vs. listening to terrestrial radio or purchasing a monthly service like Spotify
Terrestrial radio is a power house there is no denying that, I still listen to 99 Jamz and 103.5 The Beat consistently. Dash puts a spin on what traditional radio offers in that we allow people to speak more freely and embody the culture on another level. Dash and terrestrial radio are both curated platforms which is dope. I like Spotify too, but without curated music it is difficult to find music that you like. Curated platforms give the listener what they want via the channel they are listening to, which is popular music of the culture. I subscribe to Apple Music and have playlists that I find dope based on the music I hear from curated platforms. Curation and streaming sites work hand in hand.

What separates the XXL station from other hip-hop oriented stations on Dash
We vibe to newer music and give the listeners what they want hear. On my show #TheCrib we feature guests who speak their mind and give pointed responses to the questions I ask them.

What do you love most about having your own show?
FREEDOM!!!! I have the freedom to choose the music played, the guests and most importantly to ensure that everything is dope!

What’s the hardest thing about being live on the radio?
Not saying the word “umm” and transitions; the rest is just natural.

Being from Miami, what do you think makes it different from other big cities with a hip-hop scene?
The vibe. Miami is home to the bass movement that 2 Live Crew created. We are innovators.  It’s probably because of the different cultures that we have here. In Miami you see everyone vibing and getting along. What brings us together is the music, it’s all one culture down here.

Bruno Mali, Gary Raab

Who is your favorite Miami artist on the rise? What about your favorite Miami artist who’s been in the game for a while?
Bruno Mali and Johnny Oz stay doing their thing and I also got a lot of respect for Twelve’Len.  My favorite all time Miami artists are Trick Daddy and 2 Live Crew!

What interview has been the most fun for you?
Kid Rock because he was the first interview I ever did and dude treated me with nothing but respect. Much love to Detroit Rock City!

Any guest in particular that was a stand out? Have you ever been super star-struck by anyone? Who was it?
Kid Rock again. I was real nervous before that interview.

Gary Raab, Zoey Dollaz

Who do you think is really killing the hip-hop game right now?
Zoey Dollaz, Ace Boogie, Kodak Black, Cardi B,

Who in the entertainment industry inspires you?
Jimmy Iovine! I want to be like Jimmy, dude has done it all. Also Sway from Shade45, he is a pioneer.


What advice do you have to give to aspiring artists trying to make it on a mainstream radio station?
Persistence is everything! If you work hard, define your craft and never give up, you can make it. It ain’t easy but good things never are. Utilize your resources because they are worth more than money if leveraged correctly.

For more from Gary Raab make sure you guys tune into #TheCrib tonight and every Tuesday at 8:00pm EST/5:00pm PST! Click below to go directly to the XXL Station on DASH Radio.





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