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Murph Muzik has reemerged with ‘Position of Power’


“As one of the Broward county greats, Murph Muzik has been out here grinding on the music scene for a while. When I first moved to South Florida, he was one of the first artist I heard about. His tracks paint pictures and are easily deemed some of the best car riding music as his choice in beats and production hit hard. Murph Muzik has reemerged with ‘Position of Power’ with features from some fellow South Florida natives such as Webbz and Jay Burna, crooner Johnny Brooks, and Bizzy Crook. Click the link to listen to the full project!”

– The ANTISOCIALITES, Music / What to Play / https://buff.ly/2vkxuh3
​The South Florida-based rapper returns with his long-awaited new project “Position of Power”. The 10 track EP chronicles the tale of Murph’s wins and losses while maneuvering into a position of power– in the music industry and the game of life. Guest features include a roster of noteworthy, buzzing South Florida artists such as Bizzy Crook, Webbz, 8 Eight, Jay Burna and singer Johnny Brooks paired with production from Block Beattaz, The Commission, Rich Eye AM, DJ Cas and Will Notes. Murph is currently readying the music video release of “Ain’t Me” (feat. Johnny Brooks) and locking in peformances for October’s annual A3C Festival in Atlanta.

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