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The New Era of Streaming


The strong growing online presence, streaming services are overriding hardcopies such as Albums, Eps, and Mixtapes for all musicians. As many different streaming services are now coming to the forefront this creates a big change on how the consumers receive their music. This is now called the digital age, we receive music through streaming.

Unlike the analog era of hard copy CDs, Cassette Tapes, Vinyl and a few others; Consumers had to physically go to a record store or retail store which distributethe Albums they were interested in purchasing. In this digital age you can just subscribe to a streaming services of your liking and pay a monthly fee, which you’ll receive way more content than just purchasing a hard copy.

The rise of streaming services brings attention to how the major record labels have to change and importantly to initiate some kind of business with these streaming services to eliminate issues on how they will get their percentage as well as how to go about monitoring the streams into actual record sells.

This is one of the greatest opportunities now for the independent artist, who know have many different platforms to choose which streaming service will fit their brand most. The independent artist now have platforms they can be featured on amongst major artist, which has more pros than cons as far as keeping rights to music and receiving the percentage you deserve for your music without a record label telling you what they think you deserve.

In today’s music streaming the top two paying services according to the New York Times are Apple Music and Spotify, which both have millions of paid subscribers and a catalog of over 30 million songs available for streaming. As a consumer in this digital era you must go with the streaming service who distribute your favorite artist or your favorite songs simply because certain artist aren’t allowed to be on a platform that their record label is not involved with. Now with that being said which, streaming service will be most suitable for you to obtain the music you love?

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