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Monetize Your Music, in More Ways Than One


Music is most importantly, a business – a lucrative one, at that. You, as the artist don’t have to wait to make it big (or even be seen) to make big money. If you have a gift, learn the business before it learns about you.


Everything you create has a copyright attached to it at the time you create it. It is your responsibility to register that copyright. Exercising every right entitled to you as the copyright holder is one of the first steps to monetizing your music. This loosely means selling your music digitally, physically, and in the form of sheet music (if applicable).


If you are not with ASCAP of BMI – Stop reading this article right now and register with one of them. Do your research and find the best Performance Rights Organization for you.

3Music Licensing

License your music. Publishing companies like CDbaby, DallRae Music, Assemble Sound, and Music Dealers are great resources for artists who want to sell their music in more ways than one. These boutique agencies have created online platforms for filmmakers, advertisers, and bloggers to get music for their YouTube videos, films, and commercials. This translates to a synchronization license, which translates to cash for your music while expanding your audience.

4Split Sheets

Collaborate with other artists, the write way. When contributing to a studio session always, always, always complete a split sheet. If you aren’t sure what that is, contact me and I’ll help you through it. If you aren’t into collaborating, write for yourself. Whatever you do, perfect this skill, as it will pay you when shows, downloads/steams and merchandise won’t.


Artist development is a major key in monetizing your music. You must learn how to self-publish or which type of publishing deal pays you the most for your skill. In order to understand these concepts you must do thorough research or consult with someone who has. You must also be willing to get things on paper every step of the way


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