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Popular Curvy Bloggers Launch New Clothing Line


For curvy women it can be hard at times to find clothes that fit just right but the fashion industry is catering to the plus size more and more in recent times giving curvy women with new stylish and trendy looks.

Bloggers Nicolette Mason and Gabi Fresh made their own line of clothing, Premme, to add to this growing market and appease this serious need in fashion culture. They say it came from the universal need to find the perfect pair of jeans. “We wanted to create pieces that were missing in the market for us.”

Gabi and Nicolette have a huge fan base on their fashion blog. So, when the two ladies decided to come together to make their own line it was a match made in fashion heaven. They’ve created a chic line of high-waist jeans, embellishments on jean jackets, and–they also created mix-and-match prints that will have heads turning. Mason states; “We set out to make a fashion line, not a plus line. This collection is a combination of what Gabi and I both like to wear and what we feel is trending at the moment.” and went on to say that this collection will “speak to the babe who strives to stand out from the crowd.”

Gabi and Nicolette’s 15-piece collection is available for purchase now at Premme.us, with sizes from 12-30, priced from $30 to $89.

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