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Ugly God speaks on The Booty Tape, being quirky and his Little Dick Clique


This past Saturday VantaBlack Entertainment presented Indiana born rapper UglyGod at Modern Skate & Surf in Royal Oak and the turn out was ri-dic-u-lous! People lined up around 6:30pm and by the time doors opened at 7:30pm the line was wrapped around the corner for at least a few hours. Ugly God gained momentum off of his popular SoundCloud releases towards the end of 2010 and has been grinding ever since. Host Kenny Knox who found his way to success through the now deceased media platform Vine, was there to help the whole thing go down. Before we get into the loose cannon water bottles, crowd surfing, and the extra tomfoolery that took place at this one hell of a night, allow me to interest you in the special guests that made a scene of their own.

The night started off with Detroit born artists Jose Bank$, Angelo Devinci, A¢e, and Diego Cartier. Devinci and Bank$ performed their “By the Load”  record that incites you to chase a check and essentially get it however you see fit. Shortly after, Bank$ was joined by fellow artist A¢e and Diego Cartier to perform their uptempo trap style song “Kawasaki” that enticed the audience into wondering who the newcomers were.

Next on stage was another local Detroit artist that goes by the name of Enzo followed by Lil Jake and his good friend Jay Cribb$, and famous Viner turned musician @DopeIsland A.KA. Angelo who had the place jumping. Angelo was also joined by fellow former Viner and socialite @Meechonmars along with several other people who came to show love. With at least a few hundred heads bobbing and weaving through the crowd, this comedy star proved he can also bring out his fans through his modern day sound. 

Evan The Twerkgod completed the special guest line up but wasn’t shy about bringing his high powered and energetic music to the stage. Performing songs like “B.E.T Uncut” and “Dirty 30”, Twerkgod delivered nothing less than a grade A performance and can now add this to the list of opening up for acts such as Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty and Pouya.

By the time Twerkgod finished his set, it was time for the moment we had all been waiting for. Chants from every corner of the room shouted “F*ck UglyGod” “F*ck UglyGod” and the man himself reached the stage with animated energy that filled the room. UglyGod excited the crows with his homespun hooks and unrefined style with his hit single “Water”, “Booty From a Distance”, “I Got Bitches Freestyle” and  “F*ck UglyGod”.  UglyGod recorded a great deal of his music during his time at the University of Southern Mississippi. Throughout his young adulthood, UglyGod moved around a lot through different parts of the Midwest and South including Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. His 2016 release “Water” which catapulted him to the forefront and had the whole venue singing along, was recently picked up by Asylum record label (the same label who signed Ed Sheeran) and is set to release his first album “The Booty Tape” August 4th, 2017.

Elly Kaya, partner and creative director of EMCEE, got a chance to speak to Ugly God after his Detroit concert on 7/22/17. We got to the bottom of his Little Dick Clique, what’s to be expected on The Booty Tape, and what was removed from it, why he did a diss track on himself as well as what he thinks about being “the quirkiest XXL Freshman, ever.”

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Lorielle "Lo" Walker is a Junior at Central Michigan University as a Broadcast major with a minor in Journalism. She created a show on the college radio station called "The Lo Down", based on Hip Hop culture that allows campus artists, Detroit talent, entrepreneurs, and creators of all sorts to share their art with an audience through 101 interviews. Shortly after the birth of "The Lo Down", she turned it into a TV program through the campus station.

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