EMCEE is proud to bring forth the announcement of the Detroit Institute of Art’s new exhibit featuring“D-Cyphered: Portraits by Jenny Risher

Jenny Risher;

Prominent photographer and Detroit native whose work extensively reaches even the outskirts of the arts will be at the museum from August 4th through February 18th, 2018.

An artist with such extensive work goes unnoticed, Risher has had the valuable opportunity to collaborate with a vast array of clients from distinguished backgrounds in order to enhance her already outstanding stature in the industry. From the likes of Iggy Pop, Jack White, Eminem; Risher stands no stranger to the culture, the heart of Detroit.

Creating portraits that tell the history, influences, and legacy of the city’s hip-hop music scene in the city alongside local music artists, producers, and DJs; there is no doubt that the support is more than present for Risher.

Music begins where it ends, in loop, there are endless locations; neighborhood corners, recording studios, music venues, and Rishers photographs will take you there, where craft becomes honed into ten-thousand hours of perfection, just as her work exemplifies.

With audio mix produced by Nick Speed will playing continuously in the gallery, there is no confusion as to where you are.

“Jenny Risher’s poetic images bring hip-hop culture, which is so connected to Detroit, and the visual arts closer together,” says Salvador Salort-Pons, Detroit Institute of Arts director.

“The exhibition illustrates the hard work, talent, and dedication of Detroit hip-hop artists and their influential musical legacy locally, nationally, and internationally. The photographs are relevant to so many in our community who have memories of concerts, dance performances, or listening to music of their favorite hip-hop artists.”

“D-Cyphered includes more than two hundred thirty hip-hop artists, producers, emcees, DJs, and promoters who were innovators and credited with creating and sustaining the genre.”

“An entire section portrays many of the artists in their neighborhoods, homes, schools. Where they grew up, wrote lyrics, sampled, cyphered, battled and even formed solidarity and rivalries with others who were part of the scene. Many of Detroit’s most well-known emcees, rappers, and hype men are also included, amongst them; Mr. Porter, Eminem, Royce da 5’ 9”, Black Milk, Big Sean, and Danny Brown.”

The exhibition is organized by the Detroit Institute of Arts and is included with museum admission, which is available at no cost to residents of WayneMacomb, and Oakland Counties.

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