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The Travis Scott x Quavo collaboration is inching closer


Travis Scott, since the announcement of his plans for a label on March 6th of this year, is known as the moniker Cactus Jack or just Jack at times. Quavo also has a name for himself…. Huncho or Head Huncho. With that being said, the two longtime collaborators are getting closer to blessing us with the long-awaited joint album.

This was teased since around the time Travis dropped ‘Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight’ on September 2, 2016. He made the announcement on his .Wav Radio on Apple Music. We all know Travis Scott’s fanpage has kept tabs on the announcement as well.

Back in December of last year, it appears Travis made it known who the collaboration would be with.

It makes sense that Travis chose Quavo to make an album with. They gel so well together and their ability to have unmatched melodies and infectious hooks would only be right to put together. With the kids, as Travis loves to say, waiting on this internet-breaking collab album, he’s been sure to keep us updated via shows he’s performed and Twitter. Quavo has joined in on the fun as well.

Be sure to look out for this album that’s sure to be fire from these two hitmakers, coming very soon.

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