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’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2 Confirmation


Fans have been wondering whether or not 13 Reasons Why would be up for another season. However, there is no need to worry anymore because the popular Netflix series will be returning in 2018. Season 2 will include another 13 hourlong episodes which I am sure we can all say we are excited for. Alisha Boe and Christian Navarro confirmed 13 Reasons Why is not over which fans have been speculating ever since they completed the 13 hourlong episodes from Season 1.

The story definitely needs to continue because we need to know…

  1. What happened to Alex?
  2. Who answered Alex’s phone?
  3. Will Sheri face charges for manslaughter?
  4. Why did Hannah trust Tony as much as she did?
  5. What will happen after the Baker’s listen to Hannah’s tapes?
  6. Does Mr.Porter get fired?
  7. How does Jessica deal with her rape?
  8. Will Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker) be involved in season 2?


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