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A talk with Kitty Kvsh about Backwxxd Palace, Wifisfuneral and more


So you released the Backwxxd Palace EP about 3 months ago and I honestly feel like the response has been extremely positive and honestly had a stronger debut than many artists that have been on the scene for years. How do you feel about the response thus far? Any fan moments that stick out to you?

The response I got to my EP release was honestly incredible to me. Never in a million years did I expect my release party and debut to be such a hit and jumping off point. I’ve definitely had a couple fan moments that really showed me how strong the movement is, from running into snaps of people listening to my music, to using my lyrics as captions… But my favorite is always anytime I get recognized by a fan in public. It’s crazy to me when someone comes up and knows who I am, moves I’ve been making.. it’s a very good feeling.

One of your six tracks on this EP features WifisFuneral, how did that come together?

I actually met WifisFuneral at a concert he was performing at in Detroit with Robb Banks. I tweeted him that I had a backwood rolled up to come smoke and he came out of his tour bus to this private area to smoke with me. We smoked and chopped it up, I found out he’s actually a really nice, down to earth person. He told me the whole rap game was a huge finesse and it inspired the hell out of me. I told him about my music and career plans for the future, DM’d him a couple months later, and got the collaboration going

So I hear you’re coming out with Backwxxd Palace The Movie…. what’s that about?

Backwxxd Palace the movie is the visual follow up to the EP. It’s going to take you on a tour around the Palace and really help fans explore the meaning of the songs through the viewpoint of the Backwxxd Bae. I’m super excited to start releasing things from this project 🏼

You’ve also been hosting quite a few successful events. I went to the Kasino Royale and it was next level. I had so much fun playing poker all night and the deco was spot on. Like literally never been to such a cool event. What do you have planned next? 

My next event is going to be Kitty’s Karnival Extravaganza, my birthday party! As of right now I’m planning on featuring several Karnival game booths, prizes, concessions, a mechanical bull, and more.. One step up from the Kasino event. Ever since the initial success of my Backwxxd Palace release party, the whole concept of my brand has really been solidified by this. It was a no brainer to continue throwing events, dubbed “2Cup Turnups”, and even to start my own production company, Kv$h Productions.

So tell me more about Kv$h Productions, whats your vision for this company?

My vision for Kv$h Productions is to really bring attention to and something next level to the city. Put on for ourselves. I plan on starting with my own events, and eventually branching out to bringing bigger artists to Detroit. In doing this, we can put the spotlight on many of our local artists as well. As a whole, I’d like to grow the company and become the go-to person when planning an event.. showcases/concerts, parties, you name it. Anything you need from planning, musical acts, photographers, venues, and more.

Are you working on your next project yet? Any rough plans for your next release and what vibe will the project have?

Yes, I am currently working on my new project  Always working. I don’t want to give away too much, but I will say the project will definitely follow up on the Backwoods theme. So far it’s full of bangers! Real boss bitch music. And there are a few surprise features as well… you’ll have to stay tuned for that though.


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